Decoding Lawyer Salaries in Australia (December 2023)

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Understanding the Legal Landscape

In the dynamic world of law, salaries play a pivotal role in shaping career choices. As of December 2023, we delve into the nuances of lawyer salaries in Australia, exploring average figures, industry insights, and geographical differentiations to empower your career decisions.


Exploring Lawyer Salaries

Average Annual Salary

The average salary of a Lawyer in Australia falls within the range of $90,000 to $110,000. This figure forms the baseline for understanding compensation in this profession.

Comparing Salaries

Enter your annual salary to gauge how it aligns with the industry average. Location-wise insights ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of regional variations.

Industry Insights

Industries with Highest Salaries

  1. Legal Sector: Average Salary - $115,835
    • Legal roles boast the highest average salaries, with 1,832 openings.
  2. Government & Defence: Average Salary - $114,472
    • The public sector offers lucrative opportunities, with 776 job openings.
  3. Community Services & Development: Average Salary - $96,483
    • This sector provides competitive salaries with 348 openings.

Recent Job Listings

Stay updated with the latest opportunities:

  • Property Lawyer (CJM Lawyers, Murwillumbah, Lismore & Far North Coast NSW)
  • Principal Lawyer Medico-Legal and Risk (Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service, Bundaberg)
  • Lawyer (University of Technology Sydney, Sydney NSW)
  • Lawyer (Robertson Hyetts, Bendigo, Goldfields & Macedon Ranges VIC)

Salary Variances Across Locations

Explore the average lawyer salaries across different cities:

  • Brisbane: $109,192
  • Sydney: $107,500
  • Perth: $102,500
  • Melbourne: $100,000
  • Darwin: $100,000
  • Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter: $98,500
  • Canberra: $93,914
  • Bendigo, Goldfields & Macedon Ranges: $89,999

Similar Careers and Salaries

Explore related legal careers and their typical salaries for a broader perspective:

  • Taxation Consultant: Typical Salary - $95,000
  • Advocate: Typical Salary - $83,000
  • Principal: Typical Salary - $175,000
  • Policy Adviser: Typical Salary - $105,000

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Deciphering lawyer salaries involves considering various factors, from industry trends to geographical influences. Stay informed, explore opportunities, and make strategic career decisions to navigate the dynamic legal landscape successfully.

FAQs: Unraveling Common Queries

Q1: What is the average annual salary for a Lawyer in Australia?

A: The average annual salary for Lawyers in Australia ranges from $90,000 to $110,000.

Q2: Which industries offer the highest average salaries for Lawyers?

A: The legal sector leads with an average salary of $115,835, followed by Government and defence with $114,472.

Q3: How do location-based salaries vary for Lawyers?

A: Salaries differ across locations. For instance, Brisbane averages $109,192, while Sydney stands at $107,500.

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