suits: A Legal Analysis

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The Recruiting Process in Law School

One aspect of the TV show Suits that accurately portrays the legal world is the recruiting process in law school. In the show, law students enter their names into a lottery system and are then sent to a hotel for interviews with law firm representatives. This process, known as on-campus interviews, is a common practice in the legal world. Law firms often hire summer associates, who are law students interning at the firm, with the potential to receive a full-time offer upon graduation. The accuracy of this depiction is commendable and gives viewers a glimpse into the competitive nature of law school recruitment.

suits: A Legal Analysis

The Importance of Ethics in Law

Throughout the first episode of Suits, the importance of ethics in the legal profession is emphasized. The show highlights the consequences of lying to clients and defrauding them. Lawyers have an ethical obligation to act in their client's best interests and not engage in fraudulent behaviour. The portrayal of lawyers who lie and deceive their clients as engaging in malpractice is accurate. Good lawyers use the facts as they exist in the real world to ensure that all parties involved receive the best possible outcome. The show serves as a reminder that honesty and integrity are fundamental qualities for any lawyer.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Suits also addresses the sensitive issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. The show depicts both hostile work environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment. Hostile work environment sexual harassment refers to actions that create an uncomfortable working environment, while quid pro quo sexual harassment involves conditioning job benefits on sexual favours. The show accurately portrays the legal repercussions of these actions and the challenges victims face in proving their claims. Though the subject matter is serious, it is important to shed light on these issues and emphasize that such behaviour is illegal and unethical.

The Role of Discovery in Lawsuits

The show briefly touches on the concept of discovery in civil lawsuits. Discovery is the process by which parties gather evidence from each other to build their cases. One scene shows the defendant attempting to bury the plaintiff in paperwork to make it more difficult for them to review the documents. While this tactic is not uncommon, it is worth noting that courts often discourage such behaviour. Furthermore, the show accurately portrays the need for relevant documents to be exchanged between parties during the discovery process. Discovery is an essential aspect of civil litigation and can greatly impact the outcome of a case.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Suits highlights the importance of having legal representation throughout the show. The main character, Mike, is a college dropout who works as a legal associate despite not attending law school. The show demonstrates that legal knowledge and experience are crucial in navigating the complexities of the legal profession. The depiction of the attorneys' role in guiding and advising their clients accurately reflects the value of having a qualified attorney by one's side.

In conclusion, the TV show Suits offers viewers a glimpse into the world of law and the complexities of the legal profession. While some aspects may be exaggerated or inaccurate for dramatic effect, the show provides an entertaining and educational look at the legal world.

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