Junior Lawyers Salary in Toronto, ON

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Are you curious about the average junior lawyer salary in Toronto, ON? Look no further! Jooble brings you the latest insights into the compensation landscape for junior lawyers based on real data. Let's delve into the details and trends shaping the pay scale for these professionals in Canada.

Unravelling Junior Lawyer Salaries in Toronto, ON: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Average Salary

The average salary for a junior lawyer in Toronto, ON is an impressive $91,392 annually, sourced from the real wages of 5 professionals. To provide a more granular breakdown, this translates to $7,058 per month, $1,629 per week, or an hourly rate of $42.18.

Exploring the Job Market

Our meticulous research delves into the job market, offering valuable insights into the profession. Salary rates can vary depending on the employer, with the lowest annual salary reported at $75,492 and the highest reaching $91,392.

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Job Market Insights

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FAQs: Unveiling the Facts

Q: What is the highest salary for a Junior lawyer in Toronto, ON?

  • A: The highest pay for a Junior lawyer in Toronto, ON can reach up to $91,392 per year, depending on various factors.

Q: What is the lowest salary for a Junior lawyer in Toronto, ON?

  • A: According to our research, the minimum salary for a Junior lawyer in Toronto, ON is $75,492, varying based on experience and education.

Q: How much can I make as a Junior lawyer per month in Toronto, ON?

  • A: On average, you can expect to earn around $7,058 per month as a Junior lawyer in Toronto, Ontario.


In conclusion, Jooble provides a comprehensive overview of junior lawyer salaries in Toronto, ON, ensuring you have the information to navigate the job market effectively.

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